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School Uniform Attire

While the main responsibility of the school is to educate the child(ren), the primary responsibility of proper dress and appearance should be left to the parents and students. However, it is the responsibility of George Washington Elementary School to develop student dress and grooming guidelines designed to prevent disruption in the classroom and on campus, enhance classroom decorum, eliminate disturbances among students, minimize distractions which interfere with the educational process, and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the individual student that is in accordance to board policy.

Grades Kinder to 5th: Navy blue bottoms, light blue and white tops.
Grade 6: Khaki pants. Tops for girls: Light Blue. Tops for Boys: Dark Blue.

All students are required to comply with the district and school mandatory school uniforms. The type of fabric may vary: cotton, wool, etc. Jeans or leggings are not a part of the school uniform. Jeans will only be allowed on Fridays. Students habitually out of uniform will be asked to be picked up. However, Fridays are school spirit days and students can wear their grade level color t-shirt with jeans. Students not in grade level colors are required to be in school uniform. This is not a "FREE" dress day.

Please help us provide a safe, orderly and strong academic focus for all of our students by assuring your child complies with the school uniform policy.